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Analysis: the development prospects of motorric drive systems
2016-04-26 16:24:55

In the era of electrification and information technology, higher requirements are placed on

motors in terms of performance, reliability and capacity. AC variable frequency speed

regulation system and variable frequency motor, high-power brushless DC motor, permanent

magnet synchronous brushless motor, etc. have been greatly developed.

At the same time, with the development of emerging industries, micro motors have also

become the highlight of the development of the motor industry, and are the key products

for the development of my country\'s electrical appliances industry (motors). Rare earth

permanent magnet motors and bearingless motors are also new trends in the development

of motor technology.

In line with this, the motor drive has also made new developments, and higher requirements

have been put forward on the drive system, such as the requirement to improve the processing

accuracy and working speed, and the requirement for rapid start, braking and reversal,

achieving a wide range Speed regulation and the automation of the entire production process,

etc., which require a complete set of automatic control equipment to form an automated

electric drive system. With the continuous development of automatic control theory, the

adoption of semiconductor devices and power electronic technology, as well as the

development and adoption of numerical control technology and computer technology,

these high-demand driving systems are constantly being improved and improved.

In summary, the electric drive technology has developed so far, it has many advantages

that other drive methods cannot match. It starts, brakes, reverses and regulates speed

control is simple, convenient, fast and efficient; there are many types of motors, and have

various operating characteristics to meet the requirements of various types of production

machinery; the parameters of the entire system The detection and signal conversion and

transmission are convenient, and it is easy to realize optimal control. Therefore, electric

drive has become the foundation of electrical automation in the national economy.

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